Community Practices

JUNE 24, 2016

Projects that involve community practices or educational aspects of me (Lars Zimmermann). List created for my application for the Agora Collective Residency Programme CAPP 2016 on Open Modularity Park. [Open Modularity Park Website]

DOWNLOAD Application PDF: Lars Zimmerman_ResidencyCAPP_AgoraCollective_2016


(1) Open Source Circular Economy Days

The Open Source Circular Economy Days is a global community and hackathon exploring Open Source for Circular Economy. The project has many aspects. The most important one is a global event that happened in 2015 (33 cities taking part) and 2016 (73 cities taking part).

I one of the inventors and main drivers of the global and Berlin OSCEdays.

LINKS: | Community Platform:


OSCEdays Design 2015


OSCEdays World Map 2016


OSCEdays in Monrovia – one part of the huge and diverse global OSCEdays Community


(2) Mifactori

Mifactori is my project and hardware company where we produce open source circular solutions. With Mifactori I explore the 3erlin Grid (an open source 3x3cm standard grid system for circular collaboration in decentralized communities) and do several things in education for example.

With Mifactori I collaborate with several partners/other designers. I have built a lot of furniture for the OSCEdays Berlin for example or an exhibition last week. Open Modularity Park will be located at the Mifactori Website.



Object made with 3erlin Grid parts by kids in an open workshop in Neukölln Berlin.


Mifactori Lamps from the Hiebo Series


(3) The City Is Open Source: City Hacking

I do research, writing and education on „City Hacking“ – a transformative street art practice. Usually I run this as open workshops/hackathongs inviting participants to join, learn and hack! In 2015 I did it in the project „The City Is Open Source“. I started this in 2013 with the „City Hacking Academy“.

LINK: The City Is Open Source (2015*)

LINK: City Hacking Academy (2013-2015)


Cargo Bike Space City Hack


Ursula (78 years old) hacking the city – as part of the workshop in Viersen in 2015


(4) OPENiT Festival

In 2013 I did my first community created festival – the OPENiT City Hacking Festival was organized in a decentralized fashion –  a festival organized like a flashmob. A diverse community of over 300 people created a 3 day festival on the open sustainable future of cities.


OPENiT Header_byJennieOttilieKeppler



(5) Open It Agency

With my colleagues Sam Muirhead, Jenni Ottilie and Alex Shure I founded an Agency – The Open It Agency helps people to understand and use Open Source Hardware. With this group we offer workshops and consultings and produce and provide resources to make the Open Source Hardware Community grow. I (with a lot of help from Sam) created for example lately a new workshop format on Open Source Business Models we ran successfully twice at OSCEdays Berlin two weeks ago for example.

LINK: Open It Agency



(+) … no more (?)

There are more projects on education and community practices I could share here and certainly much more images. But community practices are about collaboration and the first rule of good collaboration is to protect and safe guard your collaborators or in general also other peoples time.

So I stick to the 10 images and invite you to go and look for more yourself. Start here.