IPO @Science Hack Day Berlin 2014


Last Weekend we (Me, Sarah, Sebastian, Christoph) were @Science Hack Day Berlin 2014 hacking on a prototype for IPO Creating Circles. It was a lot of fun. Interessting hacks around us. And in the end … we won a prize! The Design prize from the School for Design Thinking – Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam. (And i also know, that we were second in audience voting \o/.)

 Check out:

The new IPO repository on GitHub

The new IPO prototype (in further development)

Our Prize :-)


My slides for the presentation:

 Other amazing hacks @SHDB14 / Twitter

Some images from the Science Hack Day Berlin 2014 (He took a lot of photos and wants to put them on twitter) And some more


I found the team (Sarah, Sebastian, Christoph) by writing a blogpost here and posting it on several walls in the web. So this great people showed up. Thank you. Here is the old blogpost:

October 20, 2014

Java Script (node.js) Hacker wanted for Science Hack Day Berlin Project

Hi, this weekend (24-25-26 October) is Science Hack Day Berlin and i am searching for someone skilled in Java Script (node.js) to help me with a project for some hours. I have a ticket for you to the event :-)

What is the project about?

A hack-triggering-tool…

… for hacking towards a circular economy. In the context of the IPO tables project on open source & circular economy we created a little experimental prototype for a software to map and connect resources in a playful way. The software provokes and asks for constant creative outside the box recombinations of materials, devices, skills and time – just what hacking is about! A hack-triggering-tool. (Whatever will support the development of a circular economy has to support the hacking of our whole environment ☺ )

I want to experiment with the prototype and develope it further in the context of the Science Hack Day. I need help with the software engineering-part. Pavlik Elf developed the first prototype but he is not in town and busy with other work. To make the prototype functional and useful for experiments 2 features have to be added – estimated workload: 4 hours (Java Script (node.js)).

If you are interested and like to join me, Science Hack Day Berlin and the IPO tables project, please get in touch.


IPO tables project website: http://ipotables.net

software prototype on GitHub: https://github.com/hackers4peace/ipotables

software description (PDF) here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6pl7pCnYS-qRmMtamVBUHMzRkk/view?usp=sharing


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Tel +4917621865009

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