JekyllBootstrap worth looking at for IPO?



(This post is part of the IPO OSHW-Documentation Project)

Last week I met with a friend of mine – Michael Hülfenhaus (@zero2012). He is a programmer, big data specialist and computational linguist and he knows about our OSHW-documentation project – IPO. He talked to me for two hours showing me solutions that are already there and he thought could fit perfectly. Unfortunately – I am not a very technical person – I think I understood much less than half of it.

But I share, what he was telling me respectively what I gathered from it here, because I had the feeling, he is on to something. Maybe others will understand it better and can use it for experiments.

What he was pointing to most of the time was:


Which is a combination from Jekyll  and Bootstrap.

The point is, that you create using a simple text editor/plain text formatting syntax like markdown or textile html-files that you can upload as a webpage for example and share and collaborate on using Git (GitHub). Everything without a database.

I am not 100% sure if I got the last part right. But the idea, that the IPO tables could be simple text-documents (pictures and stuff could be embedded from other places) that you can share and collaborate on using the already existing solution Git (Hub) strikes me as a great one!

Thank you Michael (Hülfe)!