Open Source Hardware & Design Business Model Workshop @Betahaus Berlin


On Jan 23rd 2014, 18:00 – 21:30, there will be a workshop @Betahaus Berlin (Open Design City) about Open Source Hardware & Open Design Business Models. Come by.

Link to Betahaus Announcement.

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A n o u n c e m e n t:

The world is going open source! And this brings fundamental changes to our economy, enterprises and lives. And it is a good thing. Going open with your design, business and products gives you a lot of new possibilies to grow, develope yourself and your environment. But it also asks for new and fitting business models to it. This lecture & workshop will be about both.

The 3 hour workshop will contain a lecture and than activate your creativity on open source hardware & design business models.

Invent a business model for your project or compagny or just play around with the given information, ideas and storys to gain a deeper understanding and creative access to the area.

Requirements: None, suited for all levels.

Price: 35 Euro

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For Questions contact Lars: / +49 (0) 176 218 65 009

OSHWBM Workshop Jan14 - Green