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(2013* – PRE-ACTIVE)

How to document hardware fit for circular economy and rich collaboration?

Wie „open sourced“ man Hardware in einer Weise, dass offene Zusammenarbeit, Kommunikation und vor allem auch Kreisläufe möglich werden?

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Open Source Hardware Documentation, Communication & Collaboration


UPDATE 2: I am developing right now together with several institutions and companies a research project on this.

UPDATE: There is an own website for the collaborative project. But my posts and sources still got organized here using this page and the tag  „Documentation“ / /

We are developing a project about Open Source Hardware Documentation, Communication and Collaboration. The lack of good tools and solutions in this field is one of the big obstacles for Open Source Hardware. So working on this is of course very interessting in the present.

I co-develope this project through a series of postings, publications, experiments and collaborations. My main-goal will be to develope/ask for a system with the question and possibility for closed material cycles deeply build in. My main inspiration will be the  inspiration and background will the OWi Certfication System developed in 2009. Stay tuned. Click on the Tag „Documentation“ to see all related postings or take a look at this list:


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